What I offer...

Safe and courteous service to many visited areas of the country and sites located outside the beaten path. Beaches, ecological trails and rides, canal crossings, train crossings, a visit to the Tusipono native village, helicopter rides, historic sites and more are available on my Panamanian menu which is yours for the taking.

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One day beach trip...


No matter which ocean you want to visit, Panama offers nice beaches for those who want to spend a day or a weekend at the waterfront. Farallon, Playa Blanca, Isla Mamey or Isla Grande are among the alternatives for those looking a time to enjoy and relax near the ocean. Not only is a day at the beach an option. For those who go for the best in life Panama offers beach resorts with everything included. Among the most visited are the Riu Playa, The Sheraton Bijao, Playa Blanca Resort and everybody´s favorite the Royal Decameron. All these resorts are located on the Pacific side of the country. On the photo next to these lines is the Isla Grande beach and hotel located on the Caribbean sea.


Ecological trails and Panama flora...


Panama has a number of ecological parks that are open to the public every day of the year. Among the most visited is the Old Pipeline Road. Arriving very early in the morning might give you the oportunity to observe monkeys in the wild, tucan birds, sloughs, egrets, aligators, parrots and if you are lucky even a constrictor snake. In Panama hunting is not allowed so animals are not overly afraid of humans walking in their environment. In the photographs, a group of wild hogs cross the road that heads to Fort San Lorenzo.


Canal crossing...


A favorite of many tourists. This tour takes about 6 hours and includes a meal and a drink. During this trip you will enter and exit the Miraflores locks and the Pedro Miguel locks. Practically you will be doing a half crossing of the canal going up to the level of the Gatun lake which is 26 meters above the sea. Here we must remember that most of the canal is an artificial fresh water lake. A lake creted by man by the flooding of a valley using the Chagres river as the main source of water. Since the canal is made up of rain water, river water, all the lands surrounding the canal are national parks. Without rain there would be no Panama canal. The cost of this tour is $150.00 per person...Please take note that it does not includes the transfer to and from the pier which is $15.00 each way.


Embera Village


The Embera are part of our natives that live on the shores of the Chagres river. They will take us on an excursion through their land, we will walk through the forest, cross streams, climb tall rocks, swim under a cascade and travel in motorized canoes. They will tell us about their way of life, they will show us their handcrafts, take you out for a dance and serve you lunch too. Their typical meal: fried fish with plantains and tropical fruit of the season as dessert. A tour for those interested in the viewing and living the real soul of Panamá. The cost of this tour is $120 per person.

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Transfers to Beach Resorts...


Panama offers our visitors some luxury beach resorts on the Pacific side of the country. Some famous brands hotels have their beach property at about two hours from the city. Pristine beaches, delicious all you can eat meals, large swimming pools, gymnasiums, all kinds of water sports and first kind attention wait for you in these resorts located near the town of Rio Hato, two hours away from the city. Among the hotel chains located in this area, we have the Sheraton Bijao, the Riu Playa, the Playa Blanca Resort with the largest swimming pool in central america and the most popular Royal Decameron. The cost of the transfer to any of those beach hotels is $120 for up to five persons.


Gatun lake Tour...

This excursion takes us to the Gatun lake which in reality is part of the Panama Canal. During this private boat ride we will admire the scenery of the lake, see large ships passing through and most probably feed bananas to the monkeys and be surprised by their friendly behavior. Not for the faint hearted, this two-three hour takes you to Gatun lake and from there two stops, one at a park trail and anotherone at the Summit Park. A one of a kind adventure for those interested in taking the least beaten path.


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La Gaviota

A favorite to get away from it all. La Gaviota beach hotel offers an inexpensive day pass for those who want tranquility and rest. A resort with ocean waves, river, swimming pool, showers and a meal and snack included. Leaving early in the morning and returning late in the afternoon, La Gaviota at Coronado is the place to spend a happy peaceful day at a price you can afford, only $35 per person. The cost of the two way transfer by car is $80 for up to four persons.