Photographs of the San Lorenzo fortification.
Posted on 2019/11/17 19:11

Photographs  of the San Lorenzo fortification.Photographs  of the San Lorenzo fortification.Photographs  of the San Lorenzo fortification.

A fort located at the mouth of the Chagres river built by the Spaniards in order to protect commerce between the mainland and Spain. The site can be visited by tourists everyday of the week. The imposing site was defended by a garrison of over 200 men but was often taken by pirates interested in removing Spanish treasure from Spanish hands.

Tips for our visitors...
Posted on 2016/07/26 08:07

Tips for our visitors...Tips for our visitors...

I recommend my tourists to keep a copy of their passports with them, leave the original document at the hotel safe. Another tip; always ask the taxi cab driver how much is the ride before getting inside, if you feel that the fare is too high, take another cab, you will always have an honest driver coming along. Taxi-meters are not used in Panama at this time. If in doubt ask the reception desk person to help you. If someone is meeting you at the airport, do not change the time or date of your meeting, a last minute change of schedule may cause the loss of your connection. If you use mass transportation, especially during the high traffic hours keep your wallet or hand bag close to you to avoid the pick pockets. When is time to leave the country take your transportation to the aiport three hours before departure, better to leave early than risking loosing your flight. Most of the time the ride to the airport will take 30 to 45 minutes so if you leave early the better the chances that all will be well. Panama is a nice and safe place to visit but it is always good to keep a watch on your things. I hope you have a good and enjoyable stay in this country.