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I can offer especialized rides like the one crossing the bridges. The two bridges tour. We will pass over the Centenario bridge, underneath it, is the Gaillard cut, the narrowest part of the canal. The most difficult and most expensive sector of the Panama canal construction. Then we will pass over the Bridge of the Americas, built by the americans in 1962, it was constructed to ease the flow of traffic between east and west Panama. We will stop at the chinese memorial sight seeing point to observe the entrance of the canal and to take some pictures too. Press on the photos below to get more information.

Train Crossing...

Panama Canal Railway

Ruins of Old Panama

The original city of 1519

Mi Pueblito

A look at the country side

Monkey Island boat trip

Take some fruit and see the monkeys come into the boat to eat it.

Summit Park

Zoological Park

The Canal at night

Dinnig at the canal.

Indian Village at Chagres National Park

Embera Village visit and eco-trail

Museum Visits...

Visit 3 museums in one tour

Crossing the canal

Board the Pacific Queen

Panama Flora

Besides bird watching....

La Gaviota resort

Relaxation at Coronado...

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