Fort San Lorenzo...


Built on orders of the spanish king Phillip II, it was designed to defend the entrance to the Chagres river from marauders of the sixteen and seventeen centuries. At the time the Chagres was the main waterway connecting the Caribbean sea with the city of Panama on the shores of the Pacific ocean. Inspite of all the effort and money spent on it´s construction, it was taken everytime by any one who really made the extra effort, Bradley, Morgan and Parker, they all managed to take the fortress at great cost of lives but taking it, they did. Today the Chagres is still the most important river of Panama as about 40% of the canal water comes from this river that Columbus discovered and named Rio de los Lagartos, (Aligator river). Before or after San Lorenzo we will make a stop at the new Gatun Locks. This stop is optional and comes with no additional charge.