a land to remember

Where two oceans meet.

Welcome to my web- page.

My name is Luciano and I will be your guide in this land where the waters meet, separate and connect. I was born in Panama many years ago. I studied tourism as a third profession. I will be your guide and driver in this land of discovery. Here everything is close by, and there is a lot to see and experience. From the nicest beaches of the Pacific and the Atlantic, to the green forests that border Gatun lake and of course the canal. Panama has everything for every taste. Fishing, golf, bird watching, water sports, canal crossing, train and helicopter ride, indigenous villages, plenty of shopping and even medical tourism. Let´s start with the City Tour. But first, my phone number from outside Panama (507) 6905 1324 or you can reach me at my e-mail: granieluciano123@gmail.com

City Tour...Panama Canal

The Panama canal is one of the most visited places in the world. The construction started in 1881 by the great Ferdinand De Lesseps, the very same man that guided the construction of the Suez canal in 1866. More than a million ships have crossed the canal since it´s construction in 1914. The canal saves time, effort and money to commerce around the world. Please take note that the entrance fee to the Miraflores visitor´s center is not included in tour. Click on each photo to see more pictures.

City Tour...Amador Causeway

Amador causeway. What used to be four islands before 1911 is now an artificial peninsula created by the americans at the time of the construction of the original canal in 1913. Amador used to be called Fort Grant, a military post during the time the americans occupied the territory. Today Amador is a tourist attraction with restaurants, hotels, duty free store and sight seeing points along the whole causeway. If you go there, take some bread with you and throw it in the water for the fish to feed. The name Amador comes from Manuel Amador Guerrero, the first president of Panama. He was the head of state between 1903 and 1905. Click on the picture to see more photographs.

City Tour-... Old Quarter

When the original city was destroyed by fire in 1671, the spaniards who remained moved to a better location and started the construction of what was then called the "New Panama". Today we can observe the old buldings from the 1800´s mixed with the new constructions of the mid-1920´s. Considered a world heritage site, Casco Viejo is being repaired and refurbished by a combination of government and private enterprise but always keeping the original flavor of earlier times. During this part of the tour I will park the car and we will walk the street of this town. I will be talking about the different sites and about the history of the Casco Antiguo. At the end of the tour I could leave you at the Albrook shopping center, at a nearby restaurant or take you back to your hotel.

Luciano Granie, your guide.

You can contact me by phone or e-mail. (507) 6905 1324




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